A Review: Steal Like an Artist

This is not a new book, but then, but this is one that popped out at me at Grassroots Books, and I had seen the title around, so I thought “Why not?” It was a very quick read, taking barely an hour; however, it made the wheels start spinning immediately, which brought me to yesterdays posts and rescheduling. And anything that makes you think is usually a good thing.

So what did it make me think about? Anyone engaged in any artistic pursuit invariably encounters a situation where in something you think you thought of yourself, is being done by someone else. And then you start to wonder: Am I copying them if I do this? Will people see my efforts and think I’m just a shadow imitation of X?

In Steal Like an Artist, author Austin Kleon addresses this in a round about way, by pointing out that EVERYONE steals. There is nothing new under the sun (I may be paraphrasing…or that may be a direct quote from the book, which was a quote from the Bible. I forget which verse). The trick is to expose your self to so many different influences, that your own voice emerges as a result of diverse inspirations. Also, don’t plagiarize.