Pocket Stand Canvas

trace and cut out canvas

trace and cut out canvas

Generally speaking, the pocket stand flap needs a little support to keep it’s upright position. Enter Canvas. Or in my example, a thick cotton muslin. It works for demonstration purposes. The Canvas piece will have the same piece as your pocket stand, so pin and trace your pocket stand pattern piece on the canvas, but when cutting out, leave 1/2” seam allowance along the bottom edge of the piece. The top and sides will be cut along the traced lines.

Baste canvas to stand.jpg

Once you have your canvas cut out, place it against the back of the pocket stand, lining up the bottom edges. Fold over the tops and sides and baste in to place, mitering the corners to make a smooth finish from the front. Leave the bottom edge loose. Now, the instructions call for pressing the pocket stand from the back and then the front, and removing the basting stitches. I am inclined to leave the basting stitches in place until the lining is in place and the pocket stand mounted on the pocket itself, so that’s what I am doing. Mostly because this is all so very new to me, I don’t want to un-baste it and have the thing fall apart, causing me much frustration.

Ready for lining.jpg

Pressed and ready to line. As I applied too much steam, resulting in the bottom line smearing, I realized that THIS might be why I am so drawn to the free flowing simplicity of 70’s fashion. No tailoring…no over ironing. Here’s the video, complete with too much steam.