A Review: The Curated Closet

This one was tough. I can see where the author Anushka Rees was going and her intention, but while the subtitle of The Curated Closet is A simple system for discovering your personal style and building your dream wardrobe, it was not simple. This is a multi-part, multi-month process. But I jumped in. And I slogged through. For three months.

First: The good. The process does encourage, or rather demand, you look at lots of pictures. Not just look at them, but analyze them. It encourages you to develop a critical eye and think about what you are buying and why. Do you actually like it yourself? Or did it draw your eye because it’s on sale or at the front of store display? Rees essentially expands on the idea of a capsule wardrobe and encourages you to explore this term to it’s fullest while developing your own style. She wraps up the book by talking about quality to look for when purchasing garments to help you get off the fast fashion treadmill.

Now, the not so good. This is WORK. It’s not simple. And it’s a slog. With the incredibe array of fashion choices out there, if you don’t at least have a vague idea where to start with what you like, you are dead in the water. Additionally, some of the steps are repetitive which makes for repetitive reading. Again, I understand Rees’s intention with the repetition, forcing you to look at your choices again and again, to confirm what you like and what you can cut, but it makes for monotonous reading, which is probably why the book took me three months to work through.

I think overall it was hard for me to get into this book because I was never someone who followed fashion trends, preferring to embrace my cross between swamp hag and bog witch. But to end on a good note, this book did help me identify 70’s bohemian as a look I definitely seek out. And due to lack of availability, it also indirectly pushed me to start learning to make my own patterns, so I can be my own style icon. So mixed review. The repetition made for a slog. But I did pull information from it that I found helpful. I may revisit this process as I develop my own patterns to help me determine what styles I want to pursue further and which ones I can back burner or never make. But I might not. I still have a lot of titles to review, re-reading a book that didn’t suck me in from the word go is not gonna be high on my list.