Reworking the schedule.--again

I’m reading through Pattermaking for Fashion Design and now that I’m past the intro chapters and the how to make a sloper chapter and in to the actual nuts and bolts of making patterns chapters…I’m really liking it. I’m liking how the lessons build on each other, the pictures support the lessons, everything is clearly explained, and the exercises include answers.

Moreover, I really want to GET pattern making. There are so many things I want to make that there are no patterns for (that I know of…to be fair, it’s entirely possible I just haven’t been exposed the right pattern maker yet). So I’m reworking my blog posting schedule so that rather than running ahead with the lessons and having to back track the posting, I’m posting in line with what I’m learning.

My schedule for now (I think) will be Tuesdays optional (not the posting, the what I’m posting). On Tuesdays I will post either a care and feeding post, or a what’s in a weave post, or a history of silk post. On Wednesdays (except for today) I will continue with the Women’s Institute Library of Dressmaking posts. These tips and tricks for hand tailoring are still really important things to know and being able to fine tune those skills will, I believe, help with pattern making and development. Thursdays will be my review day. Books, patterns, the occasional movie, I’m going to limit reviews to Thursdays. Then Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday I’m looking to focus on the nuts and bolts of the pattern making process. I may occasionally throw in a miscellaneous something, but there is my intended schedule for the time being.

Here’s hoping I can keep up with myself!