Setting Screen 1

Learning to use the Baby Lock Destiny II is actually fairly simple.  I'm not JUST using it for the camera, and I have figured out the basics of threading, winding a bobbin, changing needles and presser foots (feet?), and embroidery functions.  The frighteningly long manual is another kettle of fish.  To quote Beetlejuice, it's like reading stereo instructions.

Continuing on with how the manual is laid out, I start up The Machine and follow the little pictures in the manual to get to machine setting Screen 1.  Then it gets a little more convoluted, as the instructions included on screen one include features not used until pages 131, 174, and 72 respectively.  It wasn't a wasted sojourn though.  The Manual at this stage also includes how to adjust the presser foot height, and presser foot pressure.

Pressure foot height is a matter of preference, for the most part.  I like  a lot of clearance when the presser foot comes off a project.  You may not.  They basically have a low, middle, and high ground for this option.  Choose what you like and go from there.  The only reason to adjust up or down would be density of fabric for any given project.

Density of fabric can also play a roll with the presser foot pressure.  The manual says explicitly that the higher the number the greater the pressure.  Factory setting and average is three.  If you are working with particularly dense or heavy fabric, then bump that number up to four.  If you are working with something really lite and airy that you don't want getting snagged on the feed dogs, drop it to a one or two.  As always, if you're not sure, experiment with scrap fabric before working on your project.

Learning those two things was worth the stereo-like confusion.  Plus, when I GET to pages 131, 174, and 72 I now know which screen to go to to adjust those settings.  So I got that going for me.

Anyway, here is the video, if you want to follow along at home.