I Love My Cat or How to Remove Cat Pee from Silk

Ever wonder how to remove cat pee from silk, without having to kill the cat as an animal sacrifice to the gods of cleanliness.  Fear not, Damask Raven searched out the answer and tested it, with the help of our very own asshole cat!  

Asshole Cat who helped with this demonstration

Asshole Cat who helped with this demonstration

He's not a bad cat.  Manchu is pretty cool as cats go.  But like all cats, he has his quirks.  Fortunately, rather than resulting in the desire to strangle him, this particular quirk provided me with the unique opportunity to pick the piece of silk to be damaged.

As any cat owner knows, this is a rare opportunity indeed, as cats tend to pee where THEY want, on THEIR schedule.  So watch the video to see what I mean, and learn a little something about removing cat pee from silk.

If you don't have the patience for a five minute video, then here it is:

How to remove cat pee from silk, without killing the cat!

  1. Rinse the silk

  2. Hand wash with Dr. Bronner's Baby Soap

  3. Coat in baking soda and let dry

  4. Repeat if necessary.

In the end, it was not as horrifying as I feared.  Most of all, I was lucky enough to test the theory on scrap fabric, rather than a completed fashion garment, but at least you no longer have to shell out a fortune in dry cleaning fees, when for the cost of a box of baking soda, you can fix it at home.