Good Tailoring Equipment

Woman’s Institute Library of Dressmaking next talks about Good Tailoring Equipment (ok…the capitalization is all mine). But the point is made throughout this section that using the best equipment you can afford will yield the best results. To that end, the list of recommended equipment includes sponges and press cloths for shrinking seams, brushes and whisk brooms for raising nap, a good iron and well padded ironing board, sleeve board, edge pressers, and a tailor’s ham. All of this is pretty basic equipment which you can buy through any fabric store . Don’t forget the pins, measuring instruments, and quality shears for cutting, and you will be all set with your tailoring equipment. For examples of all of the above, watch the video breakdown.

Good Tailoring starts with Good Equipment. The book gives a brief list, with more details to come as the book progresses.