Introducing...WILD times

In the early 20th century, before fast fashion had really dug it’s claws in to the American psyche, things like sewing, baking, budgeting, cleaning, basic finance, were all taught to American women. This was the pre-cursor of Home Economics courses in high schools throughout the land, and if you weren’t taught these things by your mother, which was possible as not ALL women sewed prior to fast fashion, then you could learn. One of the method’s of learning was through a fashion course through the Woman’s Institute Library of Dressmaking.

WILD times in the 1920’s…not just prohibition, fashion was crazy too!

WILD times in the 1920’s…not just prohibition, fashion was crazy too!

This was initially a mail order catalog and you would get individual lessons and could graduate with a certificate in tailoring. It is a pretty detailed outline of tailoring, with guidelines and instructions that stand the test of time and are as useful today in 2019 as they were in 1919 when author Mary Brooks Picken first began writing her books.

So in an effort to improve my own tailoring skills, I started working my way through it. Sometimes awkwardly, but always educational, even if only to watch me blunder my way on camera without swearing, here is the first video as I make my way through this tome of knowledge on ladies fashions and how to make it.

So begins the Women's Institute Library of Dressmaking (hereinafter referred to as acronym Ladies...) I begin at the beginning and we'll see where this book takes us. Hopefully, it will elevate my tailoring skills to the next level.