The Manual(s)

Mother of God!  The Baby Lock Destiny II is a thing of beauty, a modern marvel that does more things than one would think, requiring an instruction manual that is 414 pages long.  FOUR HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN PAGES!  I was able to determine the basic sewing functions very quickly (like, the instructions are literally on the screen quickly).  However, I decided that to really maximize the glory that is this machine, I'd take it slow.  I would work my way through the manual one function at a time.  It was going to be one page at a time, but at 414 pages, that's A LOT of recording time.

So I skipped the first 40 pages or so for the camera.  The first 40 pages include table of contents, inventory, what's included, what's NOT included...But is available for purchase at Baby Lock, of course.  I skipped the inventory list for the camera because pretty much everything included will at some point be used in the learning of the machine.

Then there's that HUGE manual.  And no one wants to listen to me read the Table of Contents.  Especially not me.  I don't even read the table of contents when I'm reading to myself.  Very much a fan of monkey see, monkey do method of learning.  To which I have a valuable learning experience I will share in due course.  But for now, this is the first video of the first page I wanted to read.

The journey begins as I start working my way through the enormous manual that accompanies the Baby Lock Destiny II