Setting Screen 2

This will be a very short post, since there really isn't much to Screen 2 on the Baby Lock Destiny 2.  There are three options, only two of which have meaning at this point, since I am nowhere near page 82 and using a dual foot controller (yes...I'm a bit intimidated by that).

Really, the main take away is that you can set the start position for your needle.  Factory setting has it starting from a left alignment position.  This would be because the seam marker has the 5/8 allowance measured from the left position.  If you prefer to start with the needle in the center position, it's totally cool.  That is a matter of personal preference.  Just remember that the 5/8 inch mark is from the left position.  If you use that to line up your fabric, you will only be getting a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

The other option is for quilting versus straight stitch.  Since I'm not quilting yet, there wasn't much for me to do there, either.

So here is the VERY short video for screen 2, to go with this VERY short blog post on the subject.

Baby Lock Destiny 2 Setting Screen 2 is easy peasy. Seriously, three options available, only two of them for immediate use.