Setting Screen 4

In setting screen 4, we jump in to general settings for the machine. From the top, it is generally self explanatory, with the first line giving you the option to pick if the needle is up or down when the machine is not in operation. Default is down and this, to me at least, is a good option as this ensures the fabric isn’t going to slide around to much while I re-position myself.

The second line is for needle position stitch placement, which the manual assures me will be covered in detail on page 96.

The mouse pointer is totally a matter of personal preference, as you have three options for what the pointer looks like on the screen. I pretty much leave it at default mode. I’m not too picky on my mice.

Option 4 lets you turn the upper thread and bobbin sensor on or off. The manual says if this is in the OFF position you can run the machine without thread. Maybe I lack imagination, but I’m not sure why you would WANT to run a machine without thread.

The next two choices allow you to adjust the machines volume, with and without external speakers, and the last two options are for machine light, one specifically over the needle, the other for the display screen. And that’s it for Setting Screen 4 on the Baby Lock Destiny II.

Baby Lock Destiny 2 settings screen 4