Put the Starch back in your Silk

After the wash, can you starch silk?  Should you NOT wash silk taffeta because you'll wash out the finish?  Then what?  Can you put the scroop back in the silk?  What happens if you didn't previously wash your silk and now it has water marks where rain drops rinsed away the factory finish?

I tested three different starches on Tuscan Sunset Habotai and then I tested my favorite on a scrap of Pink Lemonade.  The overall winner really does bear out the statement that you get what you pay for.  My recommended Starch for silk is Le Blanc Portfolio Linen Press.  It creates a crisp, firm hand, and works as well on Habotai as on Taffeta.

Before dipping and starching your finished garment, please test ANY starch on a scrap.  I recommend keeping a scrap of silk after the finished project WITH the finished project. This is so that if you find yourself having to starch, you have a scrap to practice on first.

On to the video:

If you are at all unsure how your silk will hold up to starch, please test a sample first. But when you're done testing, try these starches on the finished product...

So YES!  You can starch silk...at least, you can starch Damask Raven silks.  But always test on a sample first.  Make sure you're happy with the results.  And don't be scared of your silk!  Don't be scared to experiment and see how marvelous silk can be to work with.  It's not a king cobra.  No one's going to die if you try washing and starching silks.  Or maybe they will.  Only one way to find out…