Setting Screen 3

Setting Screen 3 on the Baby Lock Destiny 2 is all about the presser foot. This is the screen where you determine how high you want the foot to sit when you stop sewing. The needle stays in the fabric for stability, but the foot lifts so that you can pivot the fabric if needed, at say, a corner.

You can also set the height of the presser foot for when you are in free motion sewing mode (but we don’t get there until page 131 of the manual, so I’m not quite sure what that means). The coolest feature in screen 3 is the automatic fabric sensor system. When this function is ON, the machine will automatically detect the thickness of the fabric under the presser foot, adjusting the presser foot tension accordingly based on the delicacy of the fabric under the foot.

Screen three allows you to set a reinforcement priority, so that the beginning and ending stitches are sewn automatically (see page 83 for more details on that…I feel like I should jump ahead and see what this means). And finally, you can set the brightness of the machine and guideline marker position (p. 98). See…this truly is like the Handbook for the Recently Deceased…each direction points to a different page in the manual. Or maybe it’s more like a Choose Your Own Adventure Story.

So that’s it for the first three screens. These three together are the Sewing Settings on the Baby Lock Destiny 2. For the walk through on video, here’s the link:

Settings screen 3 for Baby Lock Destiny 2