A Review: Sew Knits with Confidence

This is another post that’s a bit of a cheat. If you read my post from yesterday, you know I’ve been in a mad cleaning frenzy. So I have not had a lot of time to read this week. Consequently, this weeks review is a throwback post from last year, Sew Knits with Confidence, by Nancy Zieman.

I will readily admit that sewing knit fabrics is not my strongest skill set.  I understand some fundamentals, I understand the zig zag stitch versus straight stitch.  I know that knits are typically over lock stitched with a serger when not sewn with zig zag stitch on a standard machine.  I do know that any fiber can be knit, including silk.  And that taps me out. So before I really did anything with knitted fabric (cotton to start, sorry), I reached for Sew Knits with Confidence by Nancy Zieman.

Of course, generations of seamstresses grew up watching Sewing with Nancy, but what really brought the book to mind was the sad announcement of Nancy's passing on November 14, 2017.  After taking a moment to say a quick prayer for Nancy and her family, I realized I had never actually picked up this book which I purchased to learn how to sew with knits.  It is a very quick read, at 127 pages long.  Half of those pages are easily projects, which of course makes sense.  Once the know how has been described, giving you projects to work on so you can immediately apply that knowledge is just good sense.

And of course it was well written, easy to understand, with clear guidelines of the different supplies that make sewing with knits easy.  Nancy clearly explains what the different knits are, how to identify them, and which projects you would use each knit type for.  Nancy explains how to use either a sewing machine or a serger, which pins to use, double needle use on a standard machine, and how to achieve certain effects with a serger.  A lot of it is common sense stuff, once you understand the basic differences between knit and woven fabrics.  Mostly, reading Sew Knits With Confidence carried with it all the nostalgia of watching Nancy on television.