Setting Screen 9

Here it is. The final setting screen before we move in to actual machine functions. Don’t worry, we will be revisiting each setting screen as we hit the various pages wherein each function is specifically used. For Setting Screen 9 of the Baby Lock Destiny 2, we have just two functions.

First, we can set the machine to display the fabric image on the screen. Screens 7, 8, 9 are specific to the embroidery function, so this will let you get a projected image of what your embroidery design will look like on your fabric. I think. I’m extrapolating that function from context.

The second function is to set the fabric thickness sensor on or off when positioning the pattern on thick fabric. Again, I do not know what this means, but am assured that when I get to page 275, all will be revealed.

Here is the video recap of these two functions:

Baby Lock Destiny 2 Setting Screen 9