Arrowhead Stitch

The second of the decorative stitches described in the Woman’s Institute Library of Dressmaking is the Arrowhead Stitch. This was a pretty simple stitch, good at seam stress points and easy to stitch up anywhere you want a quick pretty design.

Mary Brooks Picken points out that the triangle this stitch is based on is fairly small, between 1/2” and 3/'4” on a side. I cheated in drawing mine and used a triangle template because, as we saw on my post for Crows Feet, I cannot draw a straight line.

Once the triangle is drawn, the point of the triangle goes to the top. The order of stitching is needle up from the back at point a, down at b and up and c, down at d up at e, down at f up at g, down at h and up at i.

Order of stitching diagram

Order of stitching diagram

It sounds more complicated than it really is, as it stitches up with a very pretty decorative overlap effect. My buttonholes suck, but this….this I did quite handily once I nailed down the stitch order.