Mea Culpa

Due to an overabundance of life this week, I have no sewing post for today. I don’t want to make excuses, especially as a few weeks ago I ALSO did not have a sewing post, so instead, allow me to offer an explanation.

Last Friday, our corgi developed an upset tummy. Not a problem, she’s had rumbly tummies before. But this one lasted for four days. So Tuesday, at my mid-day break, instead of sewing, I spent the day at the vet. Atilla is now doing well.

Thursday, our rottweiler develops the same rumbly tummy. We lack the time and funds to take him to the vet until tomorrow (we tried to take him today, but for unrelated reasons soon to be explained, were unable to wait the 4 hours required for a walk in appointment). We are currently attempting to get Bubbles to take some of the anti-diarrhea medicine the doctor sent home with Atilla. No luck.

Last night, my back failed. Epically. I was putting the chicken back in the fridge, when something spasm’d and I was unable to stand upright. The boyfriend helped me hobble to bed where I was fine for about an hour. Then, in an apparently misguided attempt to not wet the bed, I tried to get up to go to the bathroom. I made it…by crawling. Then I crawled back to bed and called the boyfriend, who came home and took me to the ER.

So instead of sewing and blogging this week, I dealt with the multiple plagues that have befallen my house. And because my back is STILL messed up, next week’s post is unlikely to be a sewing post. Next week, I plan to post an introduction to my NEXT project, the one I will jump into once I’m done with the Caftan Project.

Sorry folks….life happened again, and I’m trying to play catch up now.