The Artist's Way: Introduction

Every Saturday I post a review of a book I’ve read. I’ve been pretty consistent with this. But as I was browsing my bookshelves trying to determine what book I wanted to read next, I picked up The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I’ve had this for awhile, I think I may have even started it once, before putting it back down for whatever reason. I almost did that again, due to the layout of the book.

What I mean by that, is that rather than reading the book straight through, The Artist’s Way is set out as a 12 week course. And I almost put it back down because I didn’t want to read it cover to cover, do a quick review, and move on to the next book. It’s designed to be a learning course, so I thought I don’t really have time for a 12 week course.

Then I realized I do. I DO have the time for this, because hey, it’s MY blog. I can read, review, WRITE, whatever I want. And this could be interesting for me (and I’ll try and make it interesting for the readers too) to work my way through the 12 week program, reviewing a lesson a week, going over what I learned, and determining how this all works for me—IF it works for me.

So here is the introduction. Author Julia Cameron introduces the concept, how she came to write the book, and the two exercises which are constant throughout the course. The first exercise are the morning pages. I seem to recall THIS exercise is why I never really launched with the course in the first place. I tried it before. And I HATED it. Three long hand pages EVERY DAY?! But, having set myself on this course, I started immediately. I have not yet read chapter 1 to know what the Week 1 lesson is, but I figured, no time like the present. So I started the morning pages last Friday, June 7. And I have been doing them EVERY….SINGLE…DAY since. Still not sure if I love them, but I’ve had some interesting inspirations pop up. I’m at least committed to this for the next twelve weeks.

The second exercise is the Artist’s Date. I have not tried this one yet. Writing daily was a habit I needed to ramp up. The artist date, I am committed to starting next week with lesson one. I am going to literally put this on my calendar. I have to. If I don’t, it will be shuffled aside as not important. And since it’s in the book as a part of the lesson, it IS important. At least, it is if I want to make the most out of this journey.

So that’s the intro. The rest of the review will be more about my experience putting the lesson in to practice. Ms. Cameron is the hardworking artist with the legal copyright, so while I can review as a whole, I WILL NOT be typing what the specific lesson is. For that, you need to buy the book yourself.