Care and Feeding recap

Here is a mid-point recap of our Care and Feeding of Silk series. Why a re-cap? Well…Last weeks marinara blog was the last of my original care and feeding posts. Which means starting NEXT week, it will be all new Care and Feeding content. So I’m recapping here what’s been covered, and providing an introduction to what’s coming up.

The list originally came about at Golden Beltane in 2016. I showed people the marinara silk patch and the Greased up silk scrap, and they started bringing me ideas for what else I can try to remove from silk. Among the suggestions that week were lipstick, cat pee, blood, beer, water marks, which I addressed two ways, frixion pens, and human protein stains (I told you I was mentally bent…).

Also suggested, but not yet done, are coffee. Coffee with milk.  Red wine and white wine.  Tea, cocoa, chocolate, and soda. Mud, baby food, spit up (there is a story behind that one), sunscreen with avobenzen (which causes discoloration on fabric), vinegar, salad oil, dog slobber, bug spray, mascara, foundation, grass, condiments, sweat stains. And I am always willing to try more, just drop us a comment, and we’ll throw it on the list.

Now, in addition to the cleaning aspect, I’ve also done several maintenance posts. I’ve shown that yes, you can machine wash silk. I’ve explained why silk is NOT Dry Clean only. I’ve covered how to re-starch your silk, how to handle any pilling that pops up from hard wear, and what to do in case of static electricity in your silk.

In addition to the above maintenance and intended future stains, I’m going to be testing a bunch of different starches (potato, rice, flour….), dye remover and over dying, and silk painting. So there is the recap and future postings. On to the next challenge!