The Downside

Want to know the dark, downside of being a business owner?  Especially in the early days, when it's just you and a dedicated band of loyal friends who have more faith than common sense (love you know who you are).  It all falls on you.  So, this weeks WILD post was supposed to be Chinese knots. And if it had not been for the pounding headache yesterday, we could have gotten it recorded. But the pounding headache made it so that I was incapable of keeping my eyes open long enough to figure out HOW to make a Chinese knot.

So we tried to film on Tuesday so I could edit Tuesday night. No dice. Apparently, the headache also scrambled my ability to make sense of the diagram. Or maybe the diagram in the book really is that confusing. Either way, we gave up, defeated for now, while I google better ways to make Chinese knots. Seriously, my brain was just not conducive to translating 1926 diagrams.

So while the headache is gone, I have no WILD video or WILD blog post this week. So that is the Downside of running a very small business.  The side that says "I'm sick, I should be sleeping."  And that’s the side that wins when you’re in blinding pain. And that is the downside of company ownership.  Yes, I was sick.  But the opportunity cost of this was no new video this week from the Woman’s Institute Library of Dressmaking.  And it sucks. But it is what it is. Now to move forward, and do better next week.