Week 2: The Artist's Way

Coincidentally, the end of each week in The Artist’s Way includes a check-in. Did you do your morning pages? All but one day. I had left my pages journal in my office the night before and didn’t feel like climbing the stairs to get it. Pure laziness, and I own that. Did you do your artist date? Yes. This week I allowed myself to play 2 hours of a video game. Seems like not much, but when I consider how much I enjoy gaming and how little of it I’ve done in the last few years, it seemed down right decadent to NOT be doing something directly related to Damask Raven.

The third point of the check in this week were any significant issues in your recovery this week, recovery being finding your way back to the artistic and creative path. So week 1 Julia Cameron identified the source of criticism and has the artist (me) identify critics in my life. Week 2 is about learning to identify who supports you and who may not be an active critic, but is a distraction nonetheless. Julia calls them crazymakers, and her descriptions are accurate enough to ring bells in regards to several people. But I was blindsided by one crazymaker. The Boyfriend, who had solidly been in the supportive camp, until this morning.

Now, I have discovered that if I don’t set myself a time limit on how long it takes to write the morning pages, then the process can take up to an hour and a half. This is entirely too long, as I don’t particularly enjoy writing the morning pages. But since it’s part of the process, and I’m committed to completing the course, I decided to set a 30 minute timer on my phone and I have 30 minutes to complete the task. No looking at my phone, no stopping to pet the cat, no morning coffee. Just write the damn pages and have done with it. And today was particularly distracting, given that it’s Saturday, and all the animals seem to know its a Day Off and were going bonkers. I get to 5 minutes left on my timer and I have half a page left to write. I think I was writing something repetitive just to fill the space, which is OK to do according to Julia.

The Boyfriend sits down next to me to eat his breakfast. Then he wants to show me a video clip on his phone. I said “No, I just want to finish this.” I may or may not have been that polite. I was pretty irritated with the whole process. He took my rejection pretty hard and stormed off to eat in his office, where he discovered my parents cat, who we are watching while they travel, had thrown up in his office. It’s been very dramatic. I finished my pages, went to my Saturday morning job, and returned home to find he was STILL angry with me. So I asked him why. He said he just wanted to show me something and I brushed him off to write. I said “Yes! Exactly! That’s literally the point of the exercise!” Pleased that he got it.

He was not pleased. He is still annoyed with me. We are now entering Hour Five of the Hostage Situation…

And that is how my Week 2 of The Artist’s Way has gone. Hopefully, it will be better next week.