Schedule Change

While reviewing my current posting schedule, I reached a startling realization on timing. At one Baby Lock video per week, I won’t get out of Chapter 1 until sometime next March. As there are SEVEN chapters to the Baby Lock Destiny II manual, I realized this project could potentially drag on for YEARS. Like, by the time I finish, it will no longer be the newest Baby Lock model dragging on of filming. So I am changing up the schedule a bit. Starting this week, I will be posting a Baby Lock video a day. In the morning.

In the afternoon, I will be going with my usual existing schedule, so Saturday for review (for now), Sunday for weaving techniques, Tuesday for Care and Feeding of Silk, Wednesday for WILD posts, Thursday are still for Throwback posts, and Friday for Patternmaking. What about Monday after noon? I’ve decided to step up the pattern making posts and will be posting those twice per week, Monday and Friday. I have so many clothes I WANT to be making, and no existing patterns to work with to make them. So I will make my own. And hopefully be selling them as I develop the products on Youtube.

So those are the goals. It’s an ambitious plan, to post twice per day. But I am a Slytherin, and ambition is one of the defining traits. So lets do this!