On Inspiration

What do you do when inspiration is in short supply?  How do you get out of the rut if you've ignored the muses and they seem to have abandoned you?

Well, it ain't glamorous.  Hollywood would throw up a montage and when it's all over, inspiration is restored, the big idea has hit you, and you're off to make millions...or art...or kick some guys ass...whatever you were wishing for when the montage began, suddenly it's there.  But the point of the montage is to cut out the boring stuff.  It shows an abbreviated version of what's required to make the millions, or make the art, or win the fight.  The abbreviated version shows WORK, set against a catchy tune meant to inspire.

But very few people catch that while Rocky is running on the beach with bricks in his hand, he is also WORKING.  He is working his cardio, his core, his arms, his grip strength...everything he needs to win his big fight, he is working.  And not just for the four minutes of the montage.  That routine would be over MONTHS of training before the big fight.

So as Steven Pressfield says....repeatedly...DO THE WORK!  There is nothing alluring or seductive about it. Do the work, the rewards will follow.  And the muses will see your effort and reward you with more attention.  Which has it's own problems, but lack of inspiration won't be one of them.