Descent in to Chaos

Having one of those days. Plugging along with every intention of getting the how to make a sloper blog posted, and life starts chucking rocks in front of my bicycle of happiness. So this week I am playing refuge to two teenagers who found themselves suddenly in need of a home. Happy to help, but makes filming a bit hard. Also makes filming hard when your cameraman has to make a weekend drive to LA while helping his sister move. The two above mentioned events are COMPLETELY unrelated. It’s been that kind of week. And to cap it off, on Sunday, my day to get all video editing done, I had a screaming headache. However, I did not TOTALLY waste my downtime. I did spend the day getting some embroidery done with The Machine and serging the sides of pattern pieces to-be-stitched this coming week. So there is that. But this is still less a blog and more a blurb: We will be returning to our originally scheduled blogging shortly.