Week 5: The Artist's Way

Week 5 is for recovering a sense of possibility. Recognizing that all things ARE possible. From your craziest wish to the humblest desire, anything is possible—and you need to recognize it. So this chapter is in learning to recognize the ways in which God, the Universe, and everything is working in your favor. And connections are starting to be made. So many people look at a successful business and think that person was just lucky. Not quite. That person made their own luck with hard work and dedication to their vision. This chapter is about recognizing that the hard work is putting out to the universe what outcome you desire. And showing how God will provide it (Julia Cameron is careful to point out that it’s not necessarily Any One God who is providing this…which is why I am throwing in the caveat that the Universe is also providing).

This week, I actually did manage to do my morning pages every day. I did not manage an artist date. The closest I will come is when I clean my house after writing this. Not really sure that house cleaning constitutes a “date” by anyone’s metric. The organization does to a degree make ma happy. So I’m calling it a non-date and getting the work done.

I did experience synchronicity this week. Twice. The first time I was searching for some lace trim in a certain shade of green. I found some on Etsy that I thought was close so I went ahead and bought it. It was a perfect match. The second was me providing synchronicity for someone else. A friend of mine who is an avid gardener with an enviable green thumb found a project she wants to try that uses troll dolls, those kitschy 1980’s toys with the wild fluffy hair. I happen to have a box of them in my attic that I just hadn’t gotten around to donating yet. So now I’m going to donate them to Alison (the model in my Persian Coat project). The picture of Alison is taken in her wonderful garden. So synchronicity isn’t just for you to find in your life. Look for ways you can give back to the Universe and help others out.