Boiled Without Soap

When I wash silk in the machine, there is no real color change. There is slight color loss as the excess dye washes out, but to the naked eye, there’s no real difference in color.. But when I boiled silk with soap and baking soda, there was drastic color loss. So I started wondering: was the color loss from the soap? Or from sustained exposure to boiling water? Turns out, a little of both.

There was color loss. It may not be immediately obvious, but if you have good eyes, you can see the boiled silk went from a dark cherry red to more of a candy apple tone. It’s subtle, but there is a slight difference. And that was the only difference. The hand did not change at all and the organza remained as crisp as the machine washed sample. So if you want to change the hand on organza, boil it with soap. If you want to SLIGHTLY lighten the existing color, boil it in plain water. And if you love the color as is, machine wash it.