CoCo Prep

It’s here. The annual pilgrimage to Warner Center Marriott to attend Costume College is upon us. And as per usual, time has gotten away from me and no matter how I tried to be prepared, here I am, not quite there. I mean, I DO have all the sewing done I wanted to get done (yay me!). What I don’t have are the blog posts ready. So while today I was going to show you how WILD does the Lover’s Knot (not as kinky as you think it might be…giggity…) instead, I am writing a brief blip with a temporary schedule. So today is the “Hey, Costume College is here!” post.

Tomorrow will still be a throwback because hey, the damn thing is already written, all I have to do is post it. Friday will be a recap of CoCo so far. Saturday is Week 6 of The Artist’s Way—no reason NOT to post a review when I’ve already read the chapter and done the work. Sunday’s What’s in a Weave will post as scheduled because BOOKS! I always carry my library of knowledge with me. Seriously. Not even joking. Not a Kindle. Actual books. They go with me. E V E R Y W H E R E.

Monday will be a final recap. And hopefully Tuesday will return to our regularly scheduled program. Maybe. If I can think of a quick stain I can both produce and remove on the same day in time to post it. As for the Babylock Blogs…nothing today as I was up very early finishing that last blouse for CoCo. Nothing tomorrow because I can either pack for CoCo or I can edit and post the video. Since I am traveling with other people, I can’t really hold them up while I’m packing or editing, so I’m going to pack tonight. But I should have video’s up for Friday and Saturday. But then nothing Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. Sorry folks, ran out of time to record and edit. So Babylock should be returning next Wednesday. Hopefully.

If you’re going to CoCo, hope to see you there. If not, see you all next week.