The Event So Far

Costume College starts with registration and a Thursday night pool party where everyone starts the mutual admiration society (seriously…that’s not sarcasm….it’s awesome how many high fives and good jobs I heard flying around). It’s truly inspiring how supportive everyone is of everyone’s costuming, regardless of ability or effort (that is aimed solely at me…I was seriously not even trying last night and still got compliments.)

Not from Pool Party, but what I was wearing

Not from Pool Party, but what I was wearing

Then the classes start today. My class, the Care and Feeding of Silk was today, and it went well, I think. Everyone thanked me and I think I got everyone’s questions answered. Then I spent an hour catching the last part of Elizabeth Wayland Barber’s lecture on Women’s Work: (Pre)-History of Western Eurasian Clothing. Quick pause to write this post and grab some fruit before I jump in to my planned afternoon classes.

Now, Costume College has a mix of limited and unlimited class options. Limited classes are generally limited because they teach practical skills and so spacing is sparse, and so attendance is limited based on space. Unlimited tend to be lecture type classes. My class is always unlimited because hey, the more the merrier. I don’t know EVERYTHING about silk, and some of the best suggestions I’ve had have come from the students (my introduction to Orvus Wa Paste came from Care and Feeding of Silk last year.).

This afternoon I have my unlimited classes all picked out and my route planned. Quick break for dinner, then the Friday Night Social from 6pm to 8pm. Around 7ish the marketplace will open for shopping and will remain open during event hours through Sunday.

Full event recap will by Monday’s blog, but for now, lunch!