Week 6: The Artist's Way

Week 6 is about Recovering a Sense of Abundance. So this week we start exploring money, how you feel about money, and different ways to identify abundance (hint: it’s not ALL money). I love that Julia Cameron included this topic and it’s easy to spot the relevance to today’s world where the wealthy are demonized and success is often seen as selling out.

So taking a moment to explore how you feel about money is highly relevant. Recognizing that success is not a bad thing is good. Knowing that money, having money, is not a bad thing, is GOOD. But even better, rather than turning this in to a do this to get money section, Cameron has you explore various aspects of how you personally feel about and interact with money. Then the tasks for the week relate to recognizing OTHER abundance as found in nature. Learning to see and appreciate the natural abundance that surrounds you is the real lesson for the week.

Picture from my Artist’s Date

Picture from my Artist’s Date

On to the check in. I missed one day of morning pages (dang it! I did so well last week!) But, that was the day I left for Costume College, so it was a little hard to get the car loaded and the pages written. But I’ve managed every other day, even while on vacation, to write the morning pages. Artist date is, well, the whole weekend, not counting the workshops I’m teaching. But I’m enjoying sitting and listening to the knowledge of others and for the first time, I really got the importance of the Artists Date, as ANOTHER idea popped in to my head, letting me know where I want to go with research and projects.

As to synchronicity….is it synchronicity if you find something you are actively looking for anyway, and was pretty sure you could find at the Costume College Marketplace? If yes, then YES, I absolutely experienced synchronicity. If no…well, there’s the answer. But I’ll keep looking. Life tends to surprise me at the oddest moments.