Fools Rush In

As the saying goes, where Angels fear to tread.  This was me the first time I worked with silk.  The fool, not the Angel.  I wrote in my blog on Working with Silk that fear is what keeps most people from working with silk.  For me it wasn't fear that I would damage the silk.  By the time I had silk in my hot little hand to work with, I had researched just how resilient silk is.  My fear was that my skill wasn't up to working with such fantastic fabric.  And I'd been sewing for 28 years by that point!

So, having received my first shipment, and knowing that making garments of my product was one of the easiest ways to market my silk, I jumped in, eyes shut, and picked my pattern.  Let me say, it was foolish to wait so long.  Facebook pages and sewing groups have people still commenting on silk's delicacy, and how hard silk is to work with.  Nope on delicacy.  Personally, I don't find silk hard to work with.  Use lots of pins, use micro-serrated fact, just follow the advice in the above linked blog post.

As for skill level, that is something for each sew-er to decide for themselves.  I probably wouldn't work with silk if it were my very first project ever, but if you're confident with cotton and linen, then silk shouldn't be too far behind.  The longer you delay, the more you psyche yourself in to thinking silk is a Rubicon which  can never be crossed.  Silk is far more accessible than that.  Working with silk is fairly straightforward.  It does require patience, due to it's slippery nature.  But overall, a little patience and self-confidence will have you also wondering why you waited.  Then you too can be a fool rushing in.