Using the Sewing Machine Help Key

This is it. This is the button that when I show you what it does, will let you know you can stop reading my Baby Lock blogs. I mean, I’m still going to work my way through the manual, but the help key will unlock the secrets of the Baby Lock Destiny 2, and once you know how to navigate around, this machine is ridiculously easy to use.

Start by pressing the question mark on the upper middle navigation bar.

The Button

The Button

Press The Magic Button, and you are led to a screen with Four Options:

Four buttons….ALL THE KNOWLEDGE!

Four buttons….ALL THE KNOWLEDGE!

These four options take you, in turn:

Operations Guide: will show you all the mechanical functions of the machine. If you’re unsure what a button, gear, or lever does, press the operations guide and it will walk you through what needs to be done.

Sewing Guide: you have to be in sewing mode for the Sewing Guide function to work. But press the button, and it will walk you through which stitches to use for which project, how to insert a zipper, the various pieces of a garment, quilting on The Machine… Here are truly the keys to the kingdom.

Pattern Explanation: If you are unsure of which foot to use with which stitch, press the stitch you’re thinking about, press the help button, then pattern explanation. It will explain what the stitch is, when to use it, and which foot to use.

Video: Here are the tutorial videos. All the things I am showing in my videos, are included on the machine. With professional, well lit videography! But none of my sparkling wit or profanity, so I got that going for me.

This is how the machines will win the war against humanity. Everyone fears the Terminator. It’s really Arts and Crafts that will take down humanity, as we become less able to operate the machines, without the machines telling us what to do. Oh well, here’s the how to get there video.