Using the Operation Guide Function

This is it. The how to of the machine. Need to know about the accessory tray? Operation Guide, Principal Parts Button, pick your pic.

Each picture leads to instructions

Each picture leads to instructions

Principal Buttons will show you what each button on the front of the machine does. Basic Operations will walk you through loading your bobbin, with thread and in to the machine, how to thread your machine, how to change presser feet and needles. Embroidery Basic Operations will walk you through installing your embroidery unit, which stabilizers to use, how to hoop your fabric, and which size hoop to use for which project. Troubleshooting will take you through a range of quick fixes, everything from wrong thread for the project to machine noises. Maintenance has ONE option, but it is so commonly the problem for home repairs, they included the how to. Anything more complicated than cleaning out the bobbin area, and you should take it to your Baby Lock dealer.

One thing to note while working your way through the different help screen is that many of them take more than one page to answer a question, so watch for pagination at the bottom and press the left/right arrows as needed to read through the explanations.

And that’s it. Operation Guide will walk you through the how to’s of the functioning machine.