Week 3: The Artist's Way

Week 3 for The Artist’s Way is Recovering a Sense of Power. This weeks lesson was learning to recognize when opportunities are presenting themselves and accepting those gifts as the Universe offers them. Julia Cameron calls it synchronicity. Like the opposite of ironic, Synchronicity is when something that you want to happen falls in your lap. Most people write it off as coincidence. And then fear of getting exactly what you want has them completely ignore the opportunity that’s presented itself.

Last week was identifying the Crazymakers. Week 3 is identifying your support systems, who is going to encourage you and help move you up your path. As life itself dropped some craziness on me this week, I am happy to say the Boyfriend moved solidly back in to support category. Where he lives 98% of the time anyway, so I can forgive the 2%. And I am making a concentrated effort to make sure my friends who support me know how much I appreciate them.

Week 3 is learning to like yourself. Knowing what your positive traits are and acknowledging the not so positive that need improvement. And I know me. I know what about me I like and what about me needs to improve. Self awareness comes with pitfalls. I managed morning pages six out of seven days. One of the things I need to improve is my ability to ignore an alarm clock. Hard to write the morning pages when you sleep right through the alarm that’s supposed to wake you up to do just that.

My artists date was a little shorter than intended due to life, but I did spend an enjoyable 40 minutes browsing through a book store. And I did experience synchronicity. This week’s check in, Julia asks if you experienced synchronicity, and what was it. I’ve been trying like hell to find a specific belt buckle for a project I am working on. And this week, I found it. It seems like such a little thing. But if you take on faith that God (not necessarily any one specific God, but like, life, the Universe, and everything) wants you to be happy, then you take opportunities, no matter how small, as they present themselves. So I’m taking it on faith that this was an intended impulse buy and I bought it. On my payday of course…I don’t think Life, the Universe, and Everything intends me to go broke in the name of chasing signs. I don’t think.

And there’s Week 3 in the bag.