Landmark Features

The dressmaker dummy apparently recommended has all the features marked out on purchase. However, I opted NOT to buy that specific dummy for two reasons. One of which is cost, with price ranging from $179 to $439, I just can’t make myself spend that money when I have a perfectly good form that cost $79 and will work for my purposes. No it’s not premarked, but it was not exactly a challenge to set up the required features either. The second reason also has to do with expense. Pattern Making for Fashion Design says that sometimes, these forms are not symmetrical and to check the measurements yourself. If I’m spending $179 to $439, that thing better be ready to draft on right out of the box.

So, here are some of my home created landmark features.

Semi-numeric order

Semi-numeric order

So, starting with 1. Front and back, 1 is your center point. 2 is your center front and back waist, or just the waist line. 3 is the bust points, just about where the nipples point. 4 is the center front bust. 5 are those side seams for princess seams. 6 is where the mid armhole point, in this picture, my hand was accidentally/conveniently right where 6 would be. 7 is the shoulder tip. Not shown are points 8 through 11, which are the shoulder at neck point, armhole ridge, plate screw and armhole plate.

On this version of the dummy, there’s not much point to showing those as the arm area is relatively non-existent. So those are the landmark points to have marked out on your form when you’re ready to start pattern crafting. Or even pattern altering. These same lines will help with altering commercial patterns for a custom fit.