RIT Color Dye Remover

Since I boiled silk last week with the surprising result of extreme color removal, this week I went with the more traditional route of RIT Color Dye Remover. Now, the packaging says it’s good for cotton, linen, wool, rayon…everything but Silk. To be fair, it does not specifically say DON’T use on Silk. So I tried it on Silk.

Now, as a side note, while last weeks post was Silk Organza, and this weeks was Silk Damask, both are the exact same shade of red. So boiling with soap resulted in a salmon pink color. RIT Color Dye removed the orange contributions to the color, leaving me with a bright yellow. While I have re-dyed the yellow, I have not tried re-dying the pink.

Couple of things. First, this stuff stinks. I don’t believe it’s toxic, but one should definitely open a window before using. Also, use gloves. The packaging says to use gloves, which I did not when I started. My fault, not theirs. I dipped it twice because the first dip the silk came out yellow, rather than off white, which was what I expected; the off white, not the yellow. Unfortunately, the second dip in the dye remover did not really remove any more than the first. Good to know, so you don’t waste any effort with a second try. Once is all you’re going to get. But it does re-dye interesting shades, which will be next weeks topic. Then maybe I’ll try re-dying the pink.