Week 8: The Artist's Way

Week 8 is for Recovering your Sense of Strength.  This week was a bit tough.  Julia Cameron has us tackle lost time and lost projects; projects begun but now considered a loss, and allowing ourselves time to mourn for lost projects and time.  Was not easy as I generally focus on success and moving forward. I mean, I KNOW when something didn’t work, and I take that lesson in the moment, but I don’t revisit failures and I don’t like to dwell on the past.

I do like how Cameron addresses the bitter pill of failure and how some people internalize that pill to the point of tearing other people down.  Some of that is human nature, and it’s a nature one should NOT feed.  Being happy for others in their success helps me keep moving forward.  Instead of focusing on why not me?  I’m focused on how can I get THERE with my success. 

And so looking back for additional road blocks was difficult. There are prompts included in the book, some of which I was able to use to shake loose some memories.  Others were utterly useless.  So like with all things, I used what worked for me, and got my tasks and exercises for week 8 done. 

I was able to do my morning pages every day.  Still with mixed degrees of enthusiasm, but I did them every day.  I did an artists date—sort of.  I allowed myself two hours of TV watching, no multi-tasking, no playing on my phone, just watching a show I enjoy.  Not quite sure if that’s “artistic” but it’s down time I don’t usually allow myself.  Usually if the TV is on, it’s background noise while I work on other projects.

Synchronicity?  Not really, but there wasn’t anything I was looking for.  I saw something I liked (a lovely purse) but frankly don’t need. So I’m watching it on ebay.  If I still like it next pay day I may buy it.  But there wasn’t really anything I needed, so I wasn’t searching for synchronicity this week.  Maybe next week.