Spray Adhesive: Round 1

So this one has sucked so far. Seriously. I thought it would come right out. I thought nothing could be worse than blood. I was wrong. The attempts so far have added up to 12 minute of video, which is too long to watch in one sitting. These were seriously meant to be small vignettes about look how clever I am , I removed “X” stain. Until suddenly, I can’t. Not yet. I WILL manage to get this one. Eventually.

But for now: The Challenge. First up, The Contender:

The Contender

The Contender

First up: I seriously thought Dawn would be enough. It worked for a sticky tag on a t-shirt, why wouldn’t it work on spray adhesive. Well, it didn’t. Like, the spray adhesive won this round, hands down. Not only can you still SEE where I sprayed, even after the Dawn, the spot was still tacky.

So next week, will be round two. To watch my failure: