Week 9: The Artist's Way

Week 9 is recovering a sense of compassion—for yourself, for your unfinished projects, for who you are and where you are as an artist. The biggest assignment was writing out frustrations and fears with a project, either one already begun or one in the still thinking about it phase. So I wrote about the pattern making project. I’m brand new to pattern making, and I started the project because I have a lot of clothes I want to make and nothing currently existing that suits my needs.

But there is always the risk that my sense of fashion is so singular, no one else will want to buy the patterns I make. And I think this is why I’ve stalled at finishing the adjustments to the bust Sloper. And Week 9 has us confronting those fears head on, acknowledging them, and letting the Universe have it.

I am happy to report that I have done my morning pages every day. Some days it took longer than it should have (I believe 4 hours to write 3 pages at the max). But I did them. Every day. My artists date I missed. First week I’ve missed it, but I just got busy getting everything else done. Rather than an artists date, I’ve spent the week getting myself on an exercise schedule. Not to say one has to choose between health and creativity, I don’t for one second believe that. But some tasks are easier to manage than others. So I’m a week healthier, but no artists date this week.

I ALMOST experienced synchronicity. I think I know the shoes I need for an upcoming project. Just to make sure they match. I DID find horns for another project, but I’m abstaining from buying for now to avoid cutting in to my savings. Money is a thing and I’m trying to not spend it recklessly.

I did not experience any particular difficulties with my artistic recovery. Just acknowledging my worry about my intended project is like spotting the elephant in the room. And I’m trying to not avoid the elephants anymore.