aka Pivoting

aka Pivoting

The Manual calls it Changing Direction. I always called it pivoting. Changing direction can mean hitting the reverse button, but pivoting can mean turning in any direction. So I call it pivoting. This is how sharp corners are made when sewing.

Basically, start sewing your line. When you get to the pivot point, make sure the needle is down and raise the presser foot. Rotate your fabric under the presser foot, using the needle to hold the layers and position while rotating. Lower the presser foot and proceed to complete your seam.

One of the easiest sewing maneuvers, but easy to get wrong if you forget to leave the needle down. If you pivot, realize your edge is not quite on line with your seam allowance, you can rotate your fabric back and advance the needle using the hand crank, one stitch at a time, until your line is right.

And that’s it! Pivoting is pretty simple, the video is less than a minute. Last few seconds are all cat as Rusty makes a flying leap from off screen to steal the show.