Sewing Heavyweight Fabric

The obvious for heavyweight fabric that pops in to mind is denim. Making jeans, jean jacket, shorts, shirt, purse…whatever you are making out of denim, denim is undeniably a heavyweight fabric. Just like with sewing curves, slow and steady wins the race.

The Machine, of course, tries to make this all easy on you. The Machine can handle thicknesses up to 1/4”, provided you are sewing slowly when going over the bumps created at join points. Go too fast, and the machine can stall, stitching at the same point repeatedly.

Foot raises to sew at an angle

Foot raises to sew at an angle

Hints included in The Manual include raising the presser foot if the fabric stalls, DO NOT forcefully push fabrics through the machine (see above picture), and press the little black button on the presser foot to help feed the fabric through. I didn’t get to demonstrate ANY of that on the video as, slow and steady, The Machine proceeded to docilely stitch through all thicknesses. I have a feeling that, like bobbin thread snarls, this can only be demonstrated in the moment, not planned on camera.

So keep it slow, and The Machine will take you through.