Hook and Loop Tape

Brand name Velcro, hook and loop tape is useful as a quick fastener. The Manual cautions NOT to use self-adhesive hook and loop tape, as the adhesive tends to scrape off and get caught on the needle and in the mechanics of the machine, which results in trips to the Babylock dealer for upkeep and cleaning. So take the time to baste the tape in place, don’t take shortcuts with self adhesive hook and loop tape.

Now, the key to sewing this tape is….slow and steady. And careful edgestitching where the hooks or loops AREN’T. Slow stitching makes sure the threads don’t get caught in the hooks, which can create havoc with your machine. Not the sort of havoc the adhesives would. Just the sort of casual mayhem that causes threads to snarl and tangle and time to be wasted pulling out existing stitches and repeating the process. So just remember: Slow is fast. And you’ll do fine.