Sewing Lightweight Fabrics

Lightweight fabrics are easy to mess up, between needle too thick, wrong thread, and just the overall delicate nature of lightweight fabrics, it’s easy to experience frustrating problems when working with them. The biggest challenge with lightweight fabrics is that it is too easy for the needle to push the fabric down under the throat plate. And if this happens, you have to stop everything and remove the throat plate, or risk tearing the fabric. However, there is a VERY simple fix to this.

Take a piece of tissue paper and place it under your fabric, between the fabric and the feed dogs. The tissue paper I use in the video is paper you buy at the supermarket for filling gift bags. Once you’re done stitching your seam, the paper tears away. The fabric is protected from a heavy punch of the needle above, as well as snagging feed dogs underneath. Double win for less than $2. And using it strictly for delicate or lightweight fabrics—that package of tissue paper will last a LONG time.