Week 11: The Artist's Way

The lesson of Week 11 is Recovering a Sense of Autonomy, the ability to care for oneself. And all the lessons are geared toward taking care of you, reconnecting with you, planning events around self care and self love. This is an important chapter to delve in to as self care is something talked about a lot these days but rarely actually practiced. I plan every week to take a nice hot bath with a glass of wine and never actually do it.

So taking care of yourself is an important step in artistic recovery. Know when to take a step back and a breath for yourself. Beyond the weekly Artist’s Date, allow yourself time to care for you. Give yourself a weekly spa day…even a spa hour can be enough to help ground and focus yourself. Nice words to type out, but a little harder to practice what I preach.

Weekly check in: I am back on track with the morning pages. I figured with two weeks left, I couldn’t stop now. See the project through to the end. Still don’t love it, but I will plow through to the bitter end. And I think, even though I don’t love it, I will keep up the habit as best I can. While I’ve continued to read throughout this process and have many book reviews ready to go, there are actually two more books in The Artist’s Way series. I’m betting morning pages are a feature of both of those two. May as well keep up a habit I’ll need in the future.

Artists date: CHECK. Although not sure it’s what Julia Cameron had in mind when she created the Artist’s Date, I got a new tattoo. It’s something I’ve wanted forever (the design, not the tattoo…I already had three tattoos). It was actually the first tattoo I had conceived of, I just hadn’t quite decided where I want it. Once I decided, it was a matter of timing and money. And my artists date was a perfect time to get art etched on me.

I did experience synchronicity in my day job. The job I don’t love, but keep because it’s still paying the bills. But hey! It is what it is, and I’ll accept what’s offered in the interest of learning and seeing where life takes me.