Adjusting Amount of Fabric Feeding Dual Feed Foot

Here, we revisit the settings screen…screen 1 specifically. Press the settings screen button, make sure your on screen 1, and the bottom row of adjustments is for the Dual Feed Feed Adjustment. Most fabrics should run just fine under a 00 setting, which is the factory setting.

But if the fabric is feeding through unevenly, so that the top layer of fabric is feeding through slower than the bottom layer, then hit the plus button, which will increase the pull through from the dual feed foot so that the top layer pulls through at the same speed as the bottom layer next to the feed dogs. This will be evident if the top layer is too long compared to the bottom layer.

Now if the feed for the top layer is too much, then it will feed through faster than the bottom layer, resulting in the top layer being to short. This seems counter intuitive; however the evidence of speed being too fast or slow will be at the end of the seam stitch. Make sure you keep the scraps for practice stitching while you get the hang of using the dual feed foot. For video instructions of where the setting are, follow the YouTube link. For video of USING the dual feed foot….stay tuned. I haven’t quite gotten there yet.