Changing the Needle

This is among the easiest function on The Machine, requiring a tiny turn of a single screw to loosen the existing needle or tighten down the new one.

Needle Size.jpg

First, the needle SIZE is relative to the fabric being used. The smaller the number on the needle, the smaller the needle. So in this picture, the size 90/14 is smaller than the size 100/16. For very fine silks such as chiffon and georgette, you would use a 65/9 to 75/11. For mid-weight silks or other fabrics, 75/11 to 90/14.

The body of the needle has a flat back and a convex front. When installing the needle, make sure the flat back is to the back of the machine. Now to the install. Loosen the needle screw so that the existing needle drops down. Insert the new needle in the needle clamp with the flat towards the back of the machine. Make sure you push the needle all the way up to the needle stop. The Machine has a tiny little window that you can see when the needle is pushed all the way in to place.

Circled above is the tiny little window.

Circled above is the tiny little window.

And that’s it. Match the needle to the fabric, install the needle, and you’re good to go!