End in Sight

So....very....close!  I’ve been posting every day since February 5th, 2019, on a consistent schedule. And here is the last of the old Throwback posts. My initial marathon run was five weeks of daily posts, from April to May. And after this, Thursday’s posts will be all new. But for now: The Final Throwback Thursday Post

It has been a LONG five weeks.  So, what have I learned.  I learned that inspiration can come from unexpected places <ahem, Facebook>.  I learned that my best time to write is between 7:30pm and 9pm.  I learned that somedays, you just have to plug along (almost every weave post I did.  I get that it's highly relevant to my blog, but man I hate writing them…still do).

I learned that when I really decide to do something (like write a blog post a day) then I am damn well capable of pulling it off.  This bodes well for my pattern making and digitizing desires.  I also learned that I work best when I focus on one project at a time.  So I can blog....or I can pattern....or I can digitize.  But trying to do all three at the same time is crazy making (not anymore. I have learned to multitask better. Not Perfectly, but better).

I learned, in my small chunks of downtime, that I sort of enjoy Anime.  And exercise.  That last one shocked the hell out of me, but I kind of like weight lifting.  It feels like I've accomplished something when I actually complete a trip to the gym, a little promise to myself kept.  And I've learned.  I may not have enjoyed writing every single post, but I learned something from each one written.  Whether it was my new speculations on Cartridge Pleating, or what exactly made Organza different from Chiffon.

And while I may not enjoy writing (I hate writing...I'm pretty damn good at it, but I hate it), I do love learning. And I learned that I have mad respect for people who make their living writing. How the hell is anyone able to write, day after day after day, and keep the energy and quality high? And as a life long bibliophile, I am eternally grateful to those who do make their living from the written word. Not sure I'm ready to be one of them, but maybe someday. In the mean time, I am going to ponder my last two posts of this sojourn, and a new writing schedule. While I don't intend to write every day, I do want a regular posting schedule. After all, I'm not done learning yet!