Using the Knee Lifter

Knee Lifter

Knee Lifter

The Knee Lifter is an attachment you plug in to the front of the machine and it allows you to control the presser foot directly without using any of the buttons. Fortunately, plugging in the Knee Lifter is straightforward and directional, meaning it can only go in if the bar is in the correct position. But, if you don’t push the knee lifter in all the way, then it may come out while sewing.

Also, the “pedal” on the Knee Lifter can be rotated to three possible positions for user comfort. Make sure to remove the Knee Lifter from the machine before attempting to rotate the pedal, or you can damage your Baby Lock.

The presser foot does NOT have to be down to start using the Knee Lifter. If the presser foot is up when you insert the Knee Lefter, press the Knee Lifter all the way to the right to engage the presser foot. From there, you can control the presser foot using your knee. While the manual does not say this explicitly, the most immediate use I can see for the Knee Lifter is while quilting with the Machine, freeing up your hands to control all the fabric, without having to press buttons, as the Knee Lifter will now control the presser foot.

At least, I think that’s it’s most immediate application. My personal set up is not ideal for working with the Knee Lifter, as due to the drawer in front, I have to pull my machine all the way to the edge of the desk to attach the Knee Lifter. Given the expense of the Baby Lock Destiny 2, this makes me nervous. But when I jump in to quilting, I’m willing to give it a shot.