Needle Position Stitch Placement

This particular function of the Baby Lock Destiny 2 is a little more nuanced than I am able to show in the video. In the video, I focus on the position of the feed dogs while the needle is up or down, which is certainly important and useful to know. However, the needle position stitch placement function ON allows the needle to be placed in three possible positions when the needle drop button is pressed.

With the function ON, the needle will be all the way up, halfway down, or in the fabric. This will allow you to carefully place the needle in the fabric prior to stitching. I do feel compelled to add that this same function can be achieved by using the hand crank; however, pressing a button is considerably easier if one has problems grasping the hand crank, for example, if one has arthritis or carpal tunnel. So either option will achieve the same results.

An additional advantage of having the needle position function ON is that when the needle is nearly lowered, the feed dogs will drop, making it easy to micro-adjust fabric placement under the needle. As near as I can tell, this cannot be achieved with just the hand crank, so useful tip: turn needle position stitch placement ON and you can fine tune where the needle will fall in the fabric

When the stitch placement function is OFF, the needle is either up or down. Those are your options. And the feed dogs won’t adjust automatically to the needle position. I did not realize I had this function OFF when I started the video—I have corrected this and will be leaving this function on for future projects. But at least now I know what it does and why it’s useful.