Drafting the Basic Pattern Set

The last several weeks have been all about drafting the basic pattern set and assembling the various pieces in to a finished sloper. The wrap up of chapter three is how to mark your pattern pieces with basic information so you know what it means. Apparently, the numbers on commercial patterns are NOT the number of pattern created (i.e. Vogue 8093 is NOT the eight thousandth ninety third pattern Vogue has created).

Apparently, the first two numbers mean one thing…like style number. So 80 might mean blouse. The last two might mean something else. So 93 might mean cotton voile. NOTE: That was a fictional number I made up. I have no idea what Vogue 8093 looks like or if that’s even a thing.

Things to mark on your finished pattern piece, if not already done, would be grainline, pattern identification (bodice front, skirt back, pocket, etc…) style number (see Vogue reference above), pattern size, and the number of pieces to cut. Remember none of the ones I drafted included seam allowance, so if you did not include seam allowance during your drafting process, make note of that on the piece so you don’t have a rough time next time you try and assemble.

And that’s if for the Basic Pattern Set. Next week, I get to start learning how to manipulate darts for different style effects in fit. So that’ll be fun. Maybe. Maybe I’m happy being a swamp hag in my t-shirts and too big jeans. I’ll figure it out next week.