Spray Adhesive: Round 4

Well I NEVER thought it would turn in to this drawn out saga. I don’t believe in admitting defeat and I’m not quite ready to give up yet. But I will caution you to use spray adhesive sparingly. Not ready to say never use it, but it’s viciously hard to clean.

This weeks challenger is 3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner. It did not go well for 3M. Since the Goo Gone last week caused discoloration in the silk, I started the experiment fresh with a piece of Tuscan Sunset Habotai. So we start with a fresh spray of the adhesive, which set for two hours before we attempted to remove the stain.

Round 4 Spray Adhesive.jpg

3M says it works to remove adhesive from automotive paint, but had no words of wisdom regarding textiles, so we went for it. We sprayed the remover, we let it set, we attempted to rinse out. No dice. Now, this has come the CLOSEST to removing the stain. And to be fair, if you’re using spray adhesive, the part that’s sprayed is likely going to be buried under mounds of embroidery thread. That’s basically the ONLY reason I use spray adhesive: To help hold my fabric in place during hooping.

But alas, this has not worked. I am not embroidering over the spot. I’m trying to remove the stain entirely. And sadly, the spray adhesive won this round too. I even applied my favorite Dawn after the fact to see if that was the missing element. It was not. You win this round, Spray Adhesive!